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Have any of you started coughing after eating spicy wings?

I love hot wings. Every time I go to Buffalo Wild Wings and order medium-hot sauce, almost immediately after I have a cough that sounds barky and my chest hurts.

  1. Hi Nn6928rt, and thanks for posting your concern. While I hope you hear back from other community members with their own personal experiences, I was wondering if you thought this might be an allergy to the spices?

    Has this happened to you before?

    What did you do when it happened to you this time?

    Wishing you well,
    Leon (site moderator

    1. Yes, it happens all the time. If I have a spicy stir fry it happens. Same with wings. Usually what happens is I have to cough for 10 minutes and it sounds productive. I haven't thought about being an allergy. Thank you

  2. Hi again, Nn6928rt, and thanks for your reply and explanation. You may want to discuss this with your physician. It sounds like this may be some sort of food/spice allergy - your doctor should be able to evaluate this.

    In the meanwhile, you may want to try to avoid these 'triggers'. I imagine you must be very uncomfortable having these coughing episodes.

    Please do check back and let us know how this all turns out for you.

    Leon (site moderator

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