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Allergy triggers, sensitivity triggers, ineffective inhalers, anti inflammatories and constant throat clearing…

I’m a 60 something male in reasonable condition otherwise. Over the years I’ve had most if not all the inhaler options which ended up unnecessarily creating Senile Purple Pupura on my arms 2 years ago.
I’m frustrated with the lack of NHS consultant support and seriously titrate down steroid use to a minimum, ending up with 200/6 Fostair once 2x daily and an occasional (!) supplement of 100/6 instead of salbuterol (which does very little or nothing for me).
I’m sensitive to many things it seems from nettle pollen to mold and Sulfites. I’m now starting to suspect the trace amounts of mould in coffee because I never experience any bronchial dilation effect written about it, in fact it’s a trigger.

I’m doing raw ginger, but inconclusive about its effect on the inflammation. I sometime do lemon water from a whole lemon which seems to be one of the better relievers (but can’t constantly do that all day); I tried using lemon juice concentrates but discovered the hard way the Sulfites used as a preservative are a BIG trigger.

I’m wondering if there’s any others with in my situation with whom I might liaise with to brainstorm. I look forward to hearing from you!

  1. Hi , and welcome! I see you are a new member here having just joined today, earlier this morning. We are glad to see you already engaging directly with the community with your first two posts this morning.
    Thanks so much for sharing your present medical circumstances managing this disease (asthma). I am hopeful that other community members will see your post/question and respond by sharing their own anecdotal experiences with you.
    Wishing you well,
    Leon L (author / site moderator)

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