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Inhalers for Asthma with Sleep Apnea

Hi everyone.
I am pretty sure I have sleep apnea and was wondering if an inhaler would help during an attack at the night?
It's not just simply waking up breathless. When I am sleeping I can suddenly feel that my lungs are not working as they should and everything sorts of tightens around my chest. Within 2 minutes I am fine, but I am then scared stiff to fall back to sleep. I would say I have 2 or 3 attacks like this per week. Sometimes twice in one night and always a couple of hours after I have fallen to sleep.
I can't find anything on Google about an inhaler helping with this but it seems logical, given that it will help open up the airways? I can buy one at the local pharmacy and use it as a crutch until I visit a sleep clinic. I might need to have a sleep apnea mask ( ) fitted, I guess.

Any advice appreciated. Thanks.

  1. Hi. Mary. Sorry to hear you have to experience this. I wish we could give you a specific answer you are looking for. But this would be a question best suited for your doctor-- of whom would have access to your medical history and have the ability to assess you and your equipment in person. I would think if there is an inhaler that might help your doctor would know which one to prescribe. Does this help? John. Site Moderator.

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