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Are Other Problems Involved?

I've had asthma since 2000 (am 77yo). High humidity really sets off the coughing and fluid in my lungs. I recently had an ECO and discovered progressive aortic valve restriction. Symptoms are very similar to asthma. I'm having an angiogram Friday to understand the extent of restriction and course of action. The bottom line is to have your cardiologist do an ECO to rule out aortic valve concerns. The earlier the better.

  1. I'm glad you were able to get some answers, but I'm sorry to hear of your struggles right now! You are right that there are a lot of comorbidities/other conditions that can mimic/complicate asthma and it's always a good idea to rule out all other things when trying to get proper treatment. Good luck with your angiogram! Will be thinking of you. -Corinne, moderator

    1. I agree, high humidity is wicked when it comes to having asthma. Hope all goes well with your angiogram.

      Best wishes for good health!

      1. my cardiologist started me on aldactone after the angiogram. It stopped the gurgling very quickly.
        In my case, the fluid in lungs was caused by the decreased functioning of the aortic valve and not high humidity.
        Maybe this will help other older asthma sufferers.
        Get your respirologist talking with your cardiologist.

        1. Hi Chas, and thanks for sharing this update with the community. Clearly, the doctor made a sound diagnosis (cardiac versus pulmonary diagnosis), and provided proper medication for treatment. I am so glad to hear you are feeling better!
          Keep up the good work!
          Leon (site moderator

        2. so pleased that you are getting the care you need now.

      2. Happy to hear you got the diagnosis so quickly and starting treatment.
        As always, wishing good health and happiness .

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