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asthma allergy friendly air purifiers

i'm wanting feedback from others who have purchased air purifiers to help with allergens re their asthma. i also have interstial lung disease (fibrosis) and metasteses of thyroid cancer in my lungs so i figure as clean as i can make the air the better... assuming these things can really help?

thanks so much for your input. i did read the very basic article that is up on this website but was looking for more recent and personal experiences. good and bad experiences and as much detail as you can provide re brands models etc.

i don't care about wifi connectivity or any of that. modest price is great but i would consider a more expensive unit if performance was really good. i'm thinking it would just be for ,my bedroom. not sure how we could purifiy the entire house w/o it costing a fortune? or are their hepa filters you can put on a/c heater that are affordable and fit most units?

  1. - this is a great topic to talk about, especially in this season when many are in the house more due to the weather.

    I use 3M Filtrete filters in our house and find they help. I change them out every month to be sure they help optimally. Several (if not most) of us have asthma and/or asthma. I do not currently have an air purifier but I have found some information that may be helpful. - and -

    Over the next few days, I am sure others will hop on who have had experience with air purifiers and/or full-house air infiltration systems. I plan to circle back around to view what others use. Wishing you the best during this holiday season. Regards, Rebecca (community moderator)

    1. are the 3 m filters in place of your regular a/c furnace filters or in addition to the filter that typically goes in the unit? how much do they cost? do you have a 'smart ' filter?

    2. - the 3M filters are in place of the regular a/c furnace filters. I do not have a smart filter. I didn't know that they had Smart Filters until you mentioned it. I will consider buying one! Thanks for the tip. the filter I use is about $24 in the hardware store (or Walmart, Frys, etc). Our asthma and allergies seem to be better using these in the house. Hope you find some good tips here in the community. Warmly - Rebecca (community moderator)

  2. Hi again, , and thanks for starting this topic in the forums section. I see that my good colleague, , has already shared with you two separate links about air purifiers. I do hope you have an opportunity to look both of them over.
    This post is very similar to the one you started on Christmas Day (12/25/23). For ease of reference, here is a link to that conversation:
    You will find there are two additional separate reference articles linked there (by me), which provide extra insight for air purifiers. For your convenience, here are the links, if you haven't seen them yet:
    First, this evaluation of air purifiers from Consumer reports for 2023:

    And next, an assessment of the "Rabbit" brand, which you mentioned:

    I do hope you find them helpful as you continue to evaluate air purifiers for your own use.
    Wishing you well,
    Leon L (author/moderator

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