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Asthma and Cosmetic Dentistry

Hey! I am Katrice. My sister Juliet fell down from the stairs. Her face hit on the floor and her front tooth broken. The front tooth in the upper row broken partially. Immediately we took her to the dentist, after the cosmetic dental procedures from Ajax, the problem was solved. The doctor suggested dental implants for her. Still, procedures are left. 3 more visits are required to complete the procedures. My sister is an asthma patient. I am very much worried about that. I have heard that cosmetic dental treatments will worsen the situation of asthma patients. Is that true? The dentist has given 100% assurance on her recovery. What are things to be taken care of asthma patients before doing dental treatments? Please share your views.....

  1. Hi coolkatty, and thanks for your post.

    I see this event (with your sister), occurred close to 2 years ago. I am so sorry it took this long to respond to you. Since this was from such a period of time past, I wonder how your sister is today? Were you ever able to resolve this?

    Please let us hear back from you when you are able.
    Wishing you (and your sister), well!

    Leon (site moderator

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