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Asthma and Food Triggers

I have recently discovered I may have a condition called laryngopharengeal reflux. For years I considered it normal for me go have breathing symptoms after eating or in extreme temperatures and attributed it to asthma flare-ups. 4 years back I started asking my doctors about it the symptoms they suggested a food monitor/elimination diet. I was allergy tested and was only allergic to one food. My pulmonologist suggested it is a stomach issue that won't go away. Any amount of asthma medication does not help this specific issue..So I'm now on a acid reflux medication that may take time to improve my symptoms/breathing issues (non acid acid reflux). Hope this may give somebody else insight into what may cause asthma like symptoms.

  1. Sorry to hear about the laryngopharengeal reflux TheresaP. One of our contributors has LPR and writes about her dietary changes for it in this article: (don't let the title fool you - it's about more than just decaf). Wishing you the best and thanks for being part of the community. Richard ( Team)

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