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Asthma and Situational Depression

Hi all, has anyone had a bout of situational depression before and has it affected your asthma?

  1. Hi, jules. Depression and asthma do have a tendency to appear together, though not everyone with asthma has mental health difficulties. I haven't heard about depression itself triggering asthma. Maybe someone else will have an experience to share.

    The important thing is to keep your asthma treatment regimen going on the same schedule your doctor has given you, even when you feel like you are doing well. Depression, whether situational or chronic, is very common ... it's okay to talk with your doctor if you feel like you aren't managing well. I and many others have been there; you are not alone. <3I haven't heard about depression itself triggering asthma.

    Here are some articles from the archives about depression and asthma that might be interesting to you:

    I hope some of this is useful. Take care! -Melissa, team

    1. Hi. jules. I see you also received a great response from Melissa above. I would like to say that I personally have had experience with depression. It is something that happens sometimes. For me personally, the biggest way depression can effect asthma is if you are so depressed you neglect to take your asthma medicines. And trust me when I say I have done that before. Anxiety is something that has been well studied and linked to asthma. Depression less studied. Although, like anxiety, depression may be caused by certain chemicals being released into your blood system, and it is possible these may trigger the asthma response to worsen asthma. I have written an article on this a few years ago. I will attach it here if you are interested. ( What do you think? John. Community Moderator.

      1. Steroids absolutely destroy my whole system and doctors refuse to recognize the devastation including debilitating depression. I will not go to ER after stopped breathing on fasenra and called doctor with terrible depression when given 240 mg methylprednisone for several days. I was MH arrested and beaten up by police at age 75. WTF is wrong with US medicine and police?

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