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Asthma-Friendly Holiday Gifts

The holiday season can be a tricky time for people living with asthma. Some popular gifts can be triggering, including scented candles and bath products, plants and flowers, and knick-knacks that collect dust.

What are some asthma-friendly holiday gifts you've received or given over the years? Have you ever received a gift that triggered your asthma? Share your holiday stories with us below! 🎁

Note: Our asthma-friendly holiday gift giveaway is now closed. Any comments made on this forum past 12/15/23 at 11:59 PM ET will not be included as bonus entries. See giveaway details here:

  1. Candles I tried smelling a candle i got as a gift last christmas and has set off my asthma now for about 4 days

    1.  Thanks for chiming in and sharing what has worked for you. I've heard that the effervescent shower disks are amazing! I can't wait to give them a try! -Lauren (team member)

    2.  - Ooooohhhh! I forgot about those. My daughter swears they work wonders for her asthma and congestion. I'll have to see if I can find them. Thanks so much for your post. It has got me thinking about the herbs, oils, and lotions I use. Defintiely can cut most of them out. Thanks for the gift idea. Warmly - Rebecca (community moderator)

  2. For the past couple of years I have received a blanket from a family member. It's a nice blanket but for some reason whenever I put it around me I start to itch and my throat felt like it was getting a bit tighter. I tried washing the blanket but it didn't seem to do the trick. Hopefully this season I get a type of blanket I could actually use without starting to feel not so good.

    1.  Hi Tyson, and thanks for weighing in and sharing your own story here with the community. I am sorry this has happened to you in the past. Like you, I do hope that this year turns out to be different as regards receiving an asthma-friendly gift.
      Good luck!
      Leon L (author/moderator

    2.  I know what you mean -- I actually got a great quality blanket that puts out a weird chemical smell that bothers me. Weird, right? Maybe you can find a tag or info online with what materials are used in your blanket so that you have an idea of what to avoid. Hope your replacement is cozy and trigger-free! -Melissa, asthma team

  3. I was fortunate to be gifted a high end air purifier and it made all the difference. Asthma since birth, copd since 35 & on o2 but never a smoker.
    My tips from my pulmonologist as a kid was double rinse laundry, turn water cold before getting in or out of shower
    No carpet
    Carry kit at all times- prednisone, eppi and Benadryl & portable nebs at all times

    1. Hi  - thanks so much for weighing in and sharing your own personal perspective, as regards, asthma-friendly gifts. Wow - you really hit the jackpot with a high-end air purifier!! That is an especially suitable and generous gift for someone to have given to you!
      I also think the tips from your pulmonologist were spot on!!
      Wishing you the best,
      Leon L (author/moderator

    2.  Is the cold water before and after your shower meant to reduce humidity in the bathroom and make it easier to breathe? Curious to know more about this and how it's helped you. There are always new things we can learn from one another! -Melissa, asthma team

  4. My husband uses a cervical neck & back pillow for sleeping and this has helped him immensely along with an air purifier

    1.  Hi ducky, and thanks for chiming in here. Air purifiers can go a long way towards helping some folks manage an asthma diagnosis. I am curious, though, regarding part of your comment. Is your husband using the cervical neck and back pillow for posture? I am aware that good posture (and sleeping in the 'right position'😉, can have a beneficial effect on one's asthma. However, I also understand that these types of aids may be to help with a more physical anomaly. Are you able to clarify this any further for the community?
      Wishing you well,
      Leon L (author/moderator

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