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Asthma Medication Shortages

Have you recently been affected by a medication shortage, backorder, and/or discontinuation? Were you able to find an effective replacement or solution to treat your asthma?

  1. Yes

    1. yes duo neb last year

    2. Hi again, elizabeth, and thanks for responding. How did you manage last year, when the DuoNeb was unavailable? Are you back on track currently, with the medications you need?
      I am hopeful you have everything under good control now.
      Wishing you well,
      Leon L (author/moderator

  2. Just the last couple of weeks my pharmacy had no fluticasone propionate/salmeterol diskus inhalation powder 500/50 mcg. Had to wait 12 days.

    1. Thank you for the update. Good to hear that you had breathing treatments to fall back on. That is the same thing I do in such situations. Did you have a steroid solution to use in your nebulizer? Or just Albuterol? John. community moderator.

    2. Hi again, jeannie, and thank you for acknowledging my post/question to you. It's always a good thing when there is an alternative to using one's metered dose inhaler when there is a shortage for any reason. I am glad to hear you did well using your nebulizer for therapy. Keep up the good work!
      Leon L (author/moderator

  3. Not recently, but I now keep a one month buffer supply, just in case.

    1. Good plan. I do the same thing -- or try to. So important to have a backup plan. Hope all is going well for you. John. community moderator.

    2. Hi there! I like your thinking! I try to keep a months supply of my sons asthma medications on hand, just in case, as well. I feel comfortable knowing that I have back-ups. All the best, Lauren (team member)

  4. Duo neb last year

    1. when it came in they delivered it I had some at home 1 box but last until the until I got more

    2. Hi again, elizabeth - thank you for providing this update. It must be a relief for you now having received the current delivery at home. We appreciate you following up with us here.
      All the best,
      Leon L (author/moderator)

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