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Asthma Triggers

Had a bad asthma attack today… I was anxious about work so that might’ve done it, even though doctors think it’s dust mites (due to blood/skin prick test). I still don’t know for sure.. it’s still a mystery.

So I wanted to ask… What’s your asthma trigger? How did you find out for sure that was it??

  1. I am allergic to lots of stuff. Animal dander, pollen, mold…… I get shots which help but I can’t go to a dog or cat show and moldy, dusty places give me trouble. A few days ago we had a tornado warning. I got to sit for 40 minutes in my dusty, moldy unfinished basement with 2 dogs. I had a couple days of asthma symptoms but kept it controlled using my rescue inhaler a few times. Usually I avoid the basement if it looks like the severe weather is not near my home but in this case the path of the storm went directly over my home so I took cover. Thankfully the storm lost energy and my home was ok.

    1. Hi I’m glad you’re OK! Bad enough your asthma is triggering and now have to worry about your home being run down, that’s a lot of stress. How long have you been on the shots? Are you still building your immunity or have you reached the maintenance phase? I’ve considered it because my meds haven’t been helping too much with my breathing lately but I can’t be sure it’ll be effective unless I know exactly what’s triggering it. Sometimes I wonder if it’s really even allergies, I think anxiety is a more likely trigger but it’s hard to prove clinically.

      1. Hi again, Erin, and thanks for your post. I can tell you that my asthma condition (and its triggers), have changed over all the years I have had this condition. Initially, when I was much younger and, at the beginning of my asthma diagnosis, it appeared I was allergic to cats (specifically, Siamese cats), which later became all cats and still later became animal dander. Nowadays, most pets do not pose an issue for me but, from time-to-time, if I get close to some pets - my eyes will water and my throat will itch, but I do not have asthma symptoms.
        At the time I discovered the Siamese cats, it also became apparent that a cold malted or ice cream treat could trigger an episode at night. During the day, this did not seem to be an issue. Nowadays, the cold treats to not affect me at all. Go figure!
        Today, I do take precautions if I will be out or exposed to cold weather by covering my upper airway (nose and mouth), with a barrier scarf of some kind. By warming the air before I breathe it in, I find my asthma is kept in check.
        Wishing you well,
        Leon (site moderator

    2. Hi interesting! I truly didn’t know triggers change!! I figured since I was diagnosed as an adult I’ll never outgrow the triggers, or asthma in general, but it seems like yours is beyond well-controlled and I’m happy to hear it. Hopefully one day I’ll become that way too as I learn more and more each day through the ups and downs. It’s been a difficult few weeks for me since I’ve never had symptoms last this long on an everyday basis, it’s hard to get my head out of the clouds and think I’ll return to normal one day. Talking to all of you on this forum is the only way it’s keeping me sane

      1. Hi again, Erin - from my perspective, it's a matter of being aware of one's condition and, focused as much as possible (without driving oneself crazy!). The more you know about your own particular condition - the triggers, what works and what doesn't, the ups and downs - the better able one will be to manage the condition and advocate for oneself in concert with the doctor, as appropriate.
        As you are probably aware, asthma affects everyone differently. As well, asthma can change within the same patient as I've seen over the years (for my own condition), and for my patients.
        Don't be too hard on yourself. Be patient and give yourself some time! This will all come together as you move forward.
        Leon (site moderator

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