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Autumn Asthma

With the beginning of the Fall season here, for many people, it means raking leaves, outdoor fires, apple picking, and pumpkins! For many people with asthma, the change in season brings other less-exciting changes and activities.

What does the Fall season mean for your asthma? Are there different indoor and outdoor triggers? Activities that you enjoy or avoid? Things you do even though you know you may have a flare?

Share a little bit with us about your autumn asthma!

  1. This topic resonates well with me personally as autumn has been one of my worse asthma months. In the past, I have raked leaves and done other fall chores despite the risk of setting off a flare (and still do when there's a task no one else will do). Although, thankfully, with better asthma control -- and hiring a kid to do my leaf raking 😀 -- it is less of a burden these days. John. community moderator.

  2. Normally Autumn is an improvement for me but this year due to lots of wet rainy weather, mold has become a trigger and my allergies and asthma have flared up. I just got back from a trip to Northern Michigan and fought allergies and asthma the whole trip.

    1. My rescue inhaler helps and I will feel better only a few days later needing it again. I am waking up more often with symptoms too. Not enough yet to merit an appointment but if it keeps up I will need to. I am hopeful now that ragweed season is winding down, I will be fine.

    2. Hi shellzoo and thanks for your reply and explanation. I do hope you are able to gain better control over this particular season's worth of challenges. If there is anything we can do to assist you, please let me or any other moderator / team member know. All the best, Leon (site moderator

  3. I have had trouble in past with fall asthma worst then my usual humidity asthma. I did not know why until I learned that there was mold spores under the leaves and my asthma started from a mold allergy.

    1. That's exactly right! It's a terrible trigger for allergies and asthma for many of us. How are you doing now? Are you managing your asthma well this fall? Thanks for sharing. -Melissa, team

    2. I'm doing really good so far thanks.

  4. Woodfire smoke for me! Especially bonfires & white smoke from green or wet materials. It's like my Kryptonite!

    1. Hi bodie, and thanks for sharing this - we appreciate it!
      Leon (site moderator

    2. Huge one for me. Bonfires and lighting the indoor fireplace are horrible for my lungs. I immediately feel the effects at the slightest scent a fire puts off. Unfortunately, I have to make smores over the stove or in the microwave - bummer. Wishing you the best of health (Rebecca (comm advc)

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