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What is something you want to learn more about over awareness month?

  1. I was to learn more about eosiniphilic iphils and asthma

    1. Here is an article that might be helpful: Best, Lauren ( Team)

  2. I learned the hard way not to trust O,C,T, medicine. I have bad allergies, and allergic to Asprin and Nsaids. I would like to be able to take O,C,T, medicine for a cold or cough and be done with it, but it seems lately that all the O,C,T medicine makes things worse, any advice?.

    1. Hi Gwen and thanks for your post about over-the-counter (OTC) medications. I will tell you that patients react differently to all types of medications, both prescription and OTC. The best suggestion would be to check first with your doctor before taking any type of medication. Your physician is the best health care professional to guide you in this regard. Good luck! Leon (site moderator)

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