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Chest congestion and inhalers

I wound up getting a doozy of a cold. Started out with a couple days of just normal head cold type symptoms now it has gotten into chest congestion. I used my ProAir last night and it almost brought on an asthma attack because it seemed like it made everything so loose everything wanted to move at once. Either that or I held it too long before I blew it out as I held it for over 10 seconds. I was wondering if anybody has had experience using their inhaler during a bad congestion type cold and it made the mucus move more thus actually made it more difficult to breathe because of all the wheezing and rattle from the phlegm. Or maybe you think it could be something else that happened? Thank you!

  1. Hi Eric, and thanks for your post. I am sorry to hear you have a 'doozy' of a cold. Sometimes it's difficult to discern between a simple cold (even a 'doozy'😉, the flu, acute bronchitis and any other upper respiratory symptomatic episode. For some, any of the previously mentioned conditions can easily precipitate an asthma attack.
    Do you think this is what may have happened to you?
    Have you felt the need to reach out to your physician for this or do you plan on riding it out?
    Leon (site moderator

    1. I seem to be getting better it's just when I thought it would help because I had so much phlegm it seemed to make it worse. Maybe it's one of those individual situation type things. I contact my doctor and he said to take Coricidin to help with the phlegm and cold symptoms.

      1. Hi Eric - thanks for your reply and explanation. Did you try the Coricidin, as the doctor suggested? If so, did it seem to help you?
        I am glad to hear you feel you are starting to improve!
        Leon (site moderator

    2. Hi, Eric! It's been a few days now -- how are you feeling? Hoping that mucus has started to clear and you're on the mend. Thinking about you! -Melissa, team

      1. thank you I'm doing better now. The colds clearing out everything seems to be getting better still a touch of congestion but don't have to use my ProAir daily anymore so I look at that as a win! Stay healthy everybody!

      2. Hi Eric - glad to hear you are doing better now. Moving forward, I hope you continue to feel better and better.
        Leon (site moderator

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