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Tightness in chest/ Fall Weather Changes

Hello! I'm wanting to know if anyone else has experienced what i go through? I live in Florida and we do not have much of a Fall/Winter but we do go through quite a few temperature changes throughout those seasons. Everytime we have a cold front come through (doesn't have to be really cold) I get a tight feeling in my lower neck /upper chest area. I don't have difficulty breathing or wheezing etc. but without fail I will usually end up with post nasal drip, a sore throat, and then mucus in my chest that i spend a week or more coughing out. This can happen 5-7 times throughout the fall season. It just occurred to me after dealing with this for 10+ years that it could have something to do with Allergy Induced Asthma? I was told i had Asthma as a child living in Illinois and would have to go to the hospital for breathing tx's in the winter. Since being in Florida it hasn't been that bad. I take Singulair, Zyrtec ( rotate through all of the allergy meds), and flonase and nothing helps. I have also tried recently using albuterol and that doesn't make a difference either. I also did Allergy shots about a year ago and stopped because i got pregnant. I was at the maintenance level and still having the same Winter issues occur. I have an appointment scheduled with my allergy doctor but wanted to see if anyone else has encountered this specific tightness when cold fronts come through??

  1. First, since you are pregnant, I am glad to know you are wise enough to make an appt. with your allergist. A

    1. Thank you. I'm no longer pregnant. I went to the allergy doctor today and he told me that he has no idea why this is happening when cooler weather occurs. He kept saying that what i was feeling was a lump in my throat and i kept having to redirect him that it definitely doesn't feel like a lump. He said that it may be a bit of Asthma and is giving me an inhaler ( not albuterol because i'm already taking that). All in all im frustrated because i don't feel like he listened well.

  2. Hi there. I hope the site can be useful to you. 😀 Generally speaking, if a doctor isn't meeting your needs, you always have the right to see someone else. Do you have a pulmonologist? That would be a good person to talk to in case a different medication regimen is needed. You could also consider seeing an otolaryngologist to address the issues going on with post-nasal drip and throat issues. I would be curious to hear what those types of doctors have to say about your condition. In the meantime, if you have specific questions, we have so many articles here on the site! Let us know if you need help finding anything. All the best to you! -Melissa, team

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