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Confusion - It should get better, but doesn't, so what's causing my asthma?

Hello there,

I am twenty years old and have been diagnosed with asthma about two and a half years ago. It started as "Well, a little bit annoying, but alright, I can do it!" and progressed to "I havn't had a day without symptoms since half a year now and needed Prednisolon about four times during that time", which - obviously - sucks. I use Enerzair, Montelukast and Salbutamol, last one on a daily basis. Since the beginning, my Peak Flow is crazy. It is between 200 and 450, right now between 150 and 330.

Last year in February, I was able to start Xolair. It was amazing, but only about six months. I started to get bad reactions to Xolair and it stopped doing something for me. As it got kind of dangerous, I had to stop taking it two months ago. My side effects were confusion, headache, nausea, loss of balance, shortness of breathe, elevated temperature, dizziness and unconciousness. This is very unusual, so we are looking for a reason for those adverse events.

We decided to put me on Dupixent, but I don't match the criteria to get that medication as I don't have the right blood counts, neurodermitis or polyps in my nose. Therefore, I am stuck with the sprays and Montelukast right now.

As I had elevated ANCAs, I was referred to a Rheumatologist, but I don' expect much from that, because my doctor - she is amazing - doesn't. That being said, I have like six familiy members with Hashimoto, so therefore there might be something going on with autoimmune. Also, my symptoms started right when I started taking birth control pills, but we could not find any real links between that and my asthma. Hormones can be a trigger to rheumatic disease, so maybe...?

I don't have Alpha-1, my lungs looked perfectly fine last time they checked, my lung capacity is slowly decreasing, but not worrying, we don't find any connection to stress or psychosomatic issues. As I have pets and do horseriding as a sport, I can't avoid my triggers, but my symptoms do not change if I am around there or not. No mold, no changes in weight (so far). I do have issues with headaches, but only once per month - yeah, that time of the month - and joint pain which can easily be caused by running which I do in my freetime.

I don't want a diagnosis, but everyone here has experience with asthma. Maybe there are some ideas about thinks worth checking out. I will tell my doctor if there is something, so we can discuss it.

Sorry for it being so long. I am just desperate.

Thanks for reading and maybe answering. I appreciate every hint.

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