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Do you use a spacer?

Have you used a spacer, or do you prefer not to use one? Has it been recommended by your doctor? If you do, how do you best manage using it and cleaning it? Share your experience with a spacer in the replies!

  1. I used a spacer all the time to take Flovent. The one I used has a little device in the end that makes a harmonica-like sound if you're breathing in too fast. Periodically, I would take the puffer-end off and rinse the whole thing out, and carefully try to clean the mouth-end as much as I could. I'm using a Symbicort turbuhaler now, but I am keeping my spacer just in case I need it again someday. Are you finding it tricky to use the spacer?

    1. Hi burviji, and thanks for engaging in this conversation. We appreciate you sharing your own personal experience using a spacer with your metered dose inhaler (MDI). If I remember correctly, the little 'harmonica-like' sound is marketed by the manufacturer (Medline), as actually promoting a proper inspiratory flow rate. As you said, the sound is heard when the patient is inhaling too quickly. It is meant to suggest to the patient to inspire more slowly.
      Are you finding it tricky to use the spacer? If so, what seems to be the issue - perhaps we can make a suggestion to make it easier for you.
      Wishing you well,
      Leon (site moderator

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