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Eosinophilic asthma

I was diagnosed with asthma when I was 69. I’m 75 now, and my asthma is SO much worse. My doctor had felt all along that I had allergic asthma. I’m taking montelucast in the evening. I use a nebulizer twice a day with albuterol and budesinide and use a fluticasone/salmeterol dry powder inhaler twice a day. These don’t seem to be helping. My doctor gave me a free sample month of dupixent that didn’t seem to help at all. I am giving myself two allergy immunizations every other day. I’m steadily getting worse. The trigger is activity. Going upstairs, or picking up any kind of weight just shuts me down. I don’t have any mucus or coughing. I only wheeze at the end of a long and forceful exhale. I’m hoping to try some Nucala or Fasenra, but it will have to be with a “ buy and bill” doctor. I’m on Medicare and I am unable to pay the $1500 copay my insurance would require. Mr doctor sent me for a complete round of blood tests last week, also a echocardiogram and CT scan. The heart looked normal but eosinafils elevated. I am self diagnosing eosinophil asthma for the time being. I won’t see doctor again for a month. I can take prednisone and it completely clears me up with no symptoms for a week or two. Does anyone know anything good for eosinophilic asthma besides the incredibly expensive biologics ?

  1. Hi.  Welcome to our asthma community. Thank you for sharing your personal asthma experience with us and for your question. Sorry that you are having to deal with asthma and that your asthma is "steadily getting worse" despite your and your doctor's best efforts to manage it. As you note there is a specific type of asthma called eosinophilic asthma, and it is diagnosed with a simple blood test to determine your eosinophilic level. Based on my own research on this type of asthma, I believe (other than biologics) that it is treated just like any other type of asthma. And, once diagnosed, obtaining good control is a matter of finding the best combination of asthma medicines/ inhalers that work best for you. And sometimes this can take some time, as you are experiencing. We do have quite a few people in this community who have been diagnosed with eosinophilic asthma. I am hopeful one or more of them will see your question and share their thoughts. In the meantime, we have a few articles on this topic right here on this site. And I will attach a link to them here ( if you want to check them out. Perhaps these articles will provide you with incite to further guide you in your future discussions about your asthma with your doctor. What do you think? John. community moderator.

    1.  Thanks for the concern and the encouragement. I appreciate you and others sharing your time and knowledge. I think it is a wonderful thing for you to do.

    2.  Hi Stumptoe, and welcome! I see you are a new member here, having joined yesterday in the afternoon. We are glad to see you already engaging with the community through these, your first two posts.
      Like my colleague, , I have reviewed all you've shared with the community here and agree with the suggestions John has made. I do hope you have an opportunity to look over the material John provided - you may find something in the content that will resonate with you.
      Is there anything you can think of that is different for you now (at age 75), then it was for you (when you were first diagnosed), at 69? Perhaps there is a clue for you there.
      Thank you for your kind words - we appreciate them.
      All the best,
      Leon (site moderator

  2. Leon, I’m grateful for your commitment to help others. I’m looking forward to learning more, and I appreciate this means to gain insight. Thanks again !

    1.  Hi again, Stumptoe - you are most welcome! It is a large part of what our online community is all about.
      If there is anything we can do to assist you, please let me or any other moderator / team member know. You are always welcome here in our online community.
      Warm regards,
      Leon (site moderator

    2.  hi! I’m in the EA boat myself. It’s definitely more challenging to come up with an effective range of meds and doses to treat EA. I know the biological are crazy expensive, I was on Dupixent for eight months at $7500 per injection every two weeks. That’s way out of my price range but I found that the manufacturer has a great patient assistance program that will cover up to 100%. If I remember correctly the only requirement was income under $175,000 annually. I know the other biologics have the same or similar programs through the manufacturers.

  3. Hi and welcome to The information that John and Leon offered up above is a perfect plan to help get to the bottom of your dilemma with your health. I am sorry you are suffering through this currently and hope that it gets resolved quickly. Unfortunately, as John stated, "Once diagnosed, obtaining good control is a matter of finding the best combination of asthma medicines/ inhalers that work best for you." and it may take time.

    I did want to offer up other info should you be prescribed Fasenra and/or Nucala.

    What if I can’t afford my FASENRA?
    AstraZeneca is committed to providing assistance if you can’t afford your FASENRA:

    FASENRA 360 provides a range of support services if you are on FASENRA, including reimbursement support, affordability programs if you are eligible, nursing support for FASENRA questions, and ongoing education

    To learn more about the support services available to you, call us Mon-Fri, 8 AM – 8 PM ET at 1-833-360-HELP (1-833-360-4357) to speak to one of our Patient Navigators who are ready to help you

    If you still face affordability challenges, FASENRA is included in AZ&Me, which is a free drug program if you have no insurance or Medicare


    For assistance with the NUCALA Patient Assistance Program please call Gateway to NUCALA at 1-844-468-2252

    Hoping this info helps should you find these are prescribed.

    Wishing you the best of health~ Rebecca (community moderator)

    1. You may find relief with some natural remedies. I know a hot cup of ginger Mullein and turmeric tea with black pepper helps fight inflammation for me and the warm beverage helps thin mucus and soothe your throat. But always consult your health care team before taking anything extra of course. I know they have used Mullein for thousands of years for lung ailments at least that's what Google says LOL

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