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What type of fask mask is suitable for people living in zones of yellow or orange air quality? rates air all over the USA and lately due to the California wildfire particulates spreading around MORE than California many of us are thinking about wearing masks.

Any recommendations from your people in the ‘know’. I really want to know which N-95 or N 99 mask is best. There are many with different numbers ex.3m 8516 or 8567... I know a hospital mask is not adequate.

Desperate for good information and just a link where I have to cipher because... not great at detailed complicated and highly nuanced writing.

  1. I hope people will share what masks they have purchased and have tried... What happened to your asthma symptoms? Also perhaps the leaders here can discuss what they know. Thanks.

    1. Hi Lindalouiseford and thanks for your concern and your post. It seems as though you have a good understanding about wearing protective masks to protect your asthma while living through these horrific atmospheric conditions out west.
      I am hopeful others in the community will chime in with their own anecdotal experiences in response to your request.
      While we generally do not make recommendations for equipment, I would urge you to review the specifications of each mask (online) You're certainly looking at the correct equipment (N- N-99 masks). There are a variety of manufacturers who make these available commercially. Your own research and selection should guide you appropriately. Do you think it would be beneficial to reach out to your local fire department to see what they would suggest as well? Wishing you the best, Leon (site moderator)

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