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Has anyone taken Flovent and experienced oral thrush?

I use Flovent 2x a day for years and now get oral thrush. Wondering if anyone has this experience and has a solution? I was rinsing with water. Doctor has me using Listerine. Did take medicine but still have some. Thanks.

  1. Hi

    1. I have used Advair Flovent and Symbicort and all of them have given me thrush. What I do is gargle vigorously after the puffs in the morning and after the puffs at night. Since I started doing that I have no thrush.

      1. Hi again, , and thanks for chiming in here with your own personal experience. Glad to hear this technique for you (gargling vigorously), has kept you 'thrush free'. Keep up the good work!

        We value your feedback and your input.

        All the best,
        Leon (site moderator

    2. We asked this question to our community members on Facebook. Click here to read the thread where members share what has worked to minimize or control their oral thrush.

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