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How do you handle your triggers?

Share more with the community on how you handle your asthma triggers.

  1. Good question. I handle them by using a combination of medicines and avoidance. My main triggers are dust mites, mold spores, and pollen. Symbicort makes my airways less sensitive. So, when exposed to these triggers my symptoms are mild and easy to control. Singulair helps quench the allergy response. Together these make it so I can do most of the things I enjoy. Still, I do have to avoid certain places such as under beds and in old boxes where there's lots of dust mites. So, I know if I feel symptoms to stop what I'm doing. For instance, stop cleaning under the bed -- let someone else do it. I have written about how I live normal despite my triggers. Below is one on how I handle my triggers while camping. John. Site Moderator.

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