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I think my allergist is giving up on me...

I have moderate asthma with hayfever. I've been a patient at this particular practice for about 20 years. I no longer get immunotherapy, due to a probable idyosyncratic reaction years ago. I was on Xolair, which worked somewhat, but again had a reaction. Am on Nucala now, again, works somewhat but isn't the bullet I think we all hoped for. Dr. is trying to get me authorized for Dupixent (and yes, I'm very grateful I have good insurance!).

I get a lot of sinus infections, and some years, like this year, I've been on antibiotics multiple times with prednisone. Dr. sent me to an ENT twice in the past several years. ENT said both times surgery will not help. Now he is sending me to a pulmonologist. Fine, I can do that.

He said he can't keep giving me antibiotics so much. I'm also allergic to a handful of antibiotics, so this is always fun when I get sick, trying to figure out which one of three or four I can take. (I had a friend once who was allergic to every class of antibiotic. If she needed on, she was put on prednisone and extra antihistamines. I would think the drug wouldn't work as well since the body would be fighting against it, but whatcha gonna do, right?)

I don't have an immune system problem, he's checked for that, as he also has a background in immunology, run blood tests, etc.

I am taking a lot of medicine, we have a cleaning lady, use air cleaners at home and work. I thought it was fairly "normal" for asthmatics to be more susceptible to crud bugs; at least, the ones I know, including myself, are. He now wants me to go to University of Michigan. I'm not so keen on that. It's out of my insurance network, so I will be paying more. I don't know what he thinks the doctors there will find that he hasn't already. Not to mention that I've heard some unpleasant stories from people referred there. And so I'm starting to feel like because I'm not improving, I'm being dumped elsewhere.

  1. Hi again, JanetH, and thanks for this recent post of yours. We appreciate you sharing your story with the community. It sounds like the doctor(s) you've been seeing have tried and are trying everything they are aware of. Sometimes, when local physicians exhaust their own expertise and knowledge, they reach out for colleagues they view as being even more capable than themselves. Perhaps that is why they are referring you to the University of Michigan, for further assessment.
    However, based on your expressed concerns (out-of-network expense and unfavorable anecdotal reports about the institution), you'll have to make a decision as to whether you want to venture out, or stay with your current assessment and physician(s). Whatever you do, please keep us posted as you progress. Warmly, Leon (site moderator)

    1. I’ve had great luck from my U of M asthma and allergy Dr and meds prescribed by her.No longer see the pulm., or the Ent. I’m not using my rescue inhaler at all, and sleeping full nights, no snoring.My polyps have shrunk and I can smell and taste for the 1st time in 2.5 yrs! I’m 53 use an excercise rower, elliptical and just hiked 1.5 miles at 7,000’ in Az last wk. And hike 1-2 mi with a 35# pack here in MI . 4 yrs ago I couldn’t walk from the hospital bed to the bathroom without coughing on O2 and having to sit down. Eosinophilic asthma is what they say though I see the symptoms of churg Strauss which they first thought.

      1. I did message Janet the name.
        Following up here-The dupixent which was started in Dec. to avoid a 2nd worthless sinus surgery along with flutosicane spray really work together. 1.5 yrs. on Fasenra worked for the asthma but not sinus. Eosinophils are gone. It got me from15mg prednisone a day to current 5mg to reduce the asthma symptoms.Luckily I don’t get side effects that I can tell.
        No former Dr.,local Asthma Dr.,or ENT put together the polyps and asthma symptoms ,multiple bronchitis and pneumonias starting at age 45. Singular and advair quit working after my 2nd year of asthma diagnosis, and it was multiple rescue inhaler uses a day.I was worried at times I’d black out from coughing while driving. I could not shovel snow, play with my kids,etc, but I could hear my lungs crackle when I laid down at night.
        It took a pulmonary Dr in the hospital who studied at UM to put them together during an 8 day stay(my only Asthma related hospital visit) with a lung biopsy in JAN 2016 . Things get real when they ask if you’ve ever needed to be intubated. Which was avoided.

      2. Hi JanetH - yes, there is a 'message' function here on our website. I see that scottf did indicate he was able to send you a message.
        The message function can be accessed by going to 'menu', then going to 'profile', then going to 'messages'. Hopefully, by the time you read this, you both will have exchanged the information you wanted.
        All the best,
        Leon (site moderator

    2. Thanks, Scott. BTW, I was put on Dupixent in November. Saw a pulmonologist in Lansing. He said I have severe asthma; didn't recommend further testing such as a biopsy. The Dupixent seemed to be helping until I got felled with both an ear AND sinus infection. Where I work at is like a giant day care and sick people wander about. You could hear people walking down the hall and hacking immediately after Christmas. My allergist's office also does immunology, and the NP wants to run some blood work after I've been off prednisone a month. I'm not optimistic she will find anything (not that I want a crappy immune system), since such tests have been run before and only rather minor deviations from the normal values showed on a few. Anyway, that's the plan for now. U-M not totally ruled out; but will give Dupixent a decent time frame.

      1. JanetH thank you for sharing your story, I can feel you because we're on the same shoe. I sincerely extend my gratitude for this thread, in here I can feel that I'm not alone...

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