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Is anyone else on an injection for asthma called Tezspire?

  1. Hi, ! Good to see you. We've had some buzz about Tezspire recently around here, so I'll share a link to the archives and you can check it all out:

    Are you considering Tezspire? Let us know if you have any specific questions. -Melissa, asthma team

    1. Hi Melissa! I have been on Tezspire since last October '23 and just wondering if anyone else is taking it and how their asthma is. It is working for me along with using Breyna (generic for Symbicort). I had to get off of it for about 3 weeks and my asthma symptoms came right back so I know it is working for me.

      1. Well, you certainly aren't alone! Really glad to hear you're managing well with it -- especially having noticed the difference during that break. I hope you continue to do well with it. Thanks for sharing! -Melissa, copd team

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