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Is this related to asthma or no ?

So I have been wheezing on and off all day today, been taking my inhalers, I also have had to take my nebulizer but I also was feeling very tight in the chest which I knew was asthma with itching in chest area, but at same time the insides of my hands were itchy which I thought was strange . If anyone has an answer I would appreciate it thank you for your time .

  1. Hi HollyLemon and thanks for your post. You've articulated an excellent concern! As you may be aware, there can be some rather unusual symptoms or even 'signs of asthma' that can be telegraphed to folks with this condition. These can vary considerably from patient to patient. Others in the community have weighed in with some of these 'signals' they've experienced, as well, so you are not alone!
    I thought you might gain some additional insight from any of these articles, which focus on an asthma 'itch':
    In addition, this particular article focuses on unusual symptoms that may be related to asthma:
    I do hope you find this information is helpful in a practical way, and answers some of your expressed concerns.
    Wishing you well,
    Leon (site moderator

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