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Late onset asthma

Hi all

I am 39 and am being worked up as late onset asthma.

Didn’t have any breathing problems until 2022 when my lungs started feeling like they were burning and I was short of breath. I have had spirometry which showed airway reversibility but more in the small airways.

The burning has stopped but I still get intermittent periods of shortness of breath, chest heaviness/pressure, pain on the right edge of my sternum and coughing up bits of phlegm that always feel like they come from the right side of my chest. It’s had to describe.

I’m on the brown inhaler and have a blue prn.

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar to anyone? I’ve had loads of investigations both cardiac and lung and it has been put down to late onset asthma. No one in my family has it so I don’t really have anyone to ask if this is what asthma feels like?

  1. Hi. And welcome to our asthma community. You have come to the right place, as we are all about everything asthma here. And your question is a good one. First off I want to say that I am sorry that you are having to deal with asthma. Although, the good news about asthma is that, by working with your doctor as you are doing, it can be controlled -- meaning symptoms are rare and easily reversed when they do occur. ( It may take some time -- perhaps some tweaks here and there -- but it certainly can be done. As this is what has happened with me and so many others here in this community. To get to your question, the symptoms that you describe certainly sound like asthma symptoms, as you can see here ( and here ( And while I did not see it listed in the articles I linked to above, increased phlegm is yet another common symptom of asthma. Does this help? And please do chime in with any further questions that you have -- as that is what we are here for. John. community moderator.

    1. I got mines when I was 30

      1. Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for joining the conversation and sharing that you have had asthma since you were 30 years old. How do you feel that you are doing managing your asthma? Do you feel as though it's well controlled? I hope so, Lauren (team member)

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