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Tips for living in the midwest with asthma?

Recently, we've seen some members talking about the impact of humid air in the midwest region on their asthma. Does anyone have any tips for dealing with humidity?

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  1. I moved from Vegas back to southern Indiana. Humidity makes the air feel so heavy that I always caught myself thinking, "I need a big butcher knife to be able to cut off a chunk of air so I could get it down to my lungs." So after I realized that didn't work so well, I managed to get myself moved back out to Vegas.
    Since I've been back, I think the humidity is getting worse here but not as bad as the Midwest.

    1. Neat analogy describing humidity. It kind of reminds me a a Scooby Doo episode when Shaggy made donuts out of the fog. Glad to hear you're doing better in Vegas. John. Site Moderator.

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