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Lung Tightness

I know that every time I consume ice cream, I can feel my lungs tighten. Also, the amount of what I cough up gets worse too. I used to "reward myself" after getting allergy injections, but then I asked my pulmonologist and she explained that could be a side effect. So, I rarely indulge in a bowl of ice cream or milkshakes.

  1. Hi there! I'm really glad you stopped by to share this with us, because you are definitely not alone. We've had so many people come onto the site just to ask if anyone else is triggered by ice cream!

    There are a couple factors at work. For some people, it's about the cold temperature, and others have issues with dairy, which they feel creates more mucus.

    Here are a couple articles you might find interesting:

    I hope some of that is useful. I also hope you can find ways to enjoy ice cream again, or at least other treats you can enjoy! Take care. -Melissa, team member

    1. I am afflicted with this as well. The cold from the ice cream is an airway irritator for me, not the dairy part. I have learned to eat my ice cream slowly and with small mouthfulls. This reduces the triggering my asthma. I may feel tightness as well, but it is lessened. Well worth not having to give up ice cream. I have other airway irritators that does the same for me. For any powder substance like flour can do this to me as well. There are more irritators that I will not mention right now. But can if you wish. Other asthmatics, I have learned suffer similar if not the same thing.

      1. Hi there, I'm glad that you have figured out a work around to enjoying cold food such as ice cream. We have an article on our website that you may find interesting that discusses cold food and asthma triggers. Let us know what you think! -Lauren (team member)

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