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Medication sensitivity and doctor ignorance on the issue

I have had dramatic and life threatening isuues with multiple asthma medications all my life.
The most recent was I stopped breathing on fasenra. Doctors refused to believe it was fasenra and gave me huge overdoses of methylprednisone which absolutely ruined my life. I may not survive. I feel doctors care more about their drugs than they do patients. I’m seriously considering moving to where I studied good healthcare. US medicine sucks!!!!

  1. So sorry to hear you've gone through this. Sometimes, doctors do get it awfully wrong and don't listen to the feedback they get from patients. Are you on any asthma medication that's working well for you right now? Additionally, have you ever tried to switch doctors, or go to a different practice? I hate thinking that you are left with providers who don't treat you well. Remember that you always have the right to seek a second opinion or leave a practice. -Melissa, team

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