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What do you think of this new study?

  1. Hi Tracy Lee, thanks for your question this is such a great find! I'm glad you shared it with the community, it's important for everyone to be aware of new research and findings. I liked this quote at the end: "Doctors should consider this if patients are not responding, rather than just increasing the dose." It's definitely important for doctors to be aware of each patient's history rather than increasing a dosage. I'm interested to hear: what are your thoughts about this study? Best, Sumra ( Team)

    1. Hi TracyLee and thanks for sharing the article. My thought is to 'wait and see'. Inhaled corticosteroids, at present, help many patients manage their asthma condition. For those who have been successful, I'm sure they will stay on the medication.
      What do YOU think of this report?
      Leon (site moderator)

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