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Newly Diagnosed Adult-Onset Asthma

Some people develop asthma as adults. This type of asthma tends to be more severe than childhood-onset asthma. Have you been recently diagnosed with adult-onset asthma? Did you suspect you had asthma before being officially diagnosed? Share your experience and any tips or advice for others in the community.

  1. Heyy,

    I was diagnosed with asthma on Feb 18th around 11am officially at my pulmonary specialist office. Just 1 hour after this post was posted lol.

    I'm 25 and I never had asthma as a kid. But I had sinus issues like stuffed nose, runny nose all the time when I was a kid when I came in contact with dust or cold. But not asthma.

    My FEV1 was 73% at my first trial when i did spirometry at my doctor's office on Feb 18. It declined rapidly in the next two trials. Post broncodilator it recovered upto 66%. I have always observed that my breathing doesn't recovery very fast when I use the broncodilator. After an hour or 2 I'm sure I would have reached 73% or more again. My doctor described this as classic asthma and prescribed me two puffs symbicort morning and night. Told me to us that as a receiver as well. I feel a good difference now.

    Its been only a few months since I had difficulty breathing episodes so I don't have much experience to share. But would love to hear from those who recovered from adult onset asthma to keep it under control.

    Sorry for the long message. I know asthma is different in each individual. But any pointers to improve my breathing would be great. I miss going to gym a lot because of the lockdown.

    Anyway, hope everything turns out better once this corona stuff is over.


    1. me too!
      Reading through all these articles is eye opening for me!

    2. Interesting!

  2. Hi , and thanks for sharing your story with a new diagnosis here with the community.

    It sounds like your physician has taken just the right steps to help you to manage and control this condition moving forward. This may change over time should the medication need tweaking to manage your specific condition.

    You do make a good point - asthma does, in fact, affect everyone differently. I thought this article might help to underscore this very important aspect of the condition: I'm hopeful this material might provide you with some additional insight.

    While others in the community may respond to your inquiry about adult onset asthma and their own personal experiences, I thought you might also find it helpful to look over some of the material we have published right here on The articles / posts are authored by both our asthma team members as well as our community members so, I'm certain you will find them interesting and helpful to read. For your convenience, here is a link to several of those articles:

    Please know you are always welcome here!

    All the best,
    Leon (site moderator

    1. That makes sense, since asthma is different for everyone. Right now I use my inhalers to bring my breathing under control, relax myself and distract by playing mobile games and talking to friends. I live with my friends and I'm away from my family. It's got its benefits and drawbacks since I'm on my own taking care of myself but I think I can do it.

    2. Hi - I would agree with you on this point you've made. You do seem to understand your own condition best. As such, you appear to be very capable of managing this condition the way you are. By medicating yourself with metered dose inhalers, as necessary, your breathing is under more control. By breathing more normally, that may help to keep the anxiety at bay.

      We appreciate your feedback and your input here in our online community.

      Wishing you well,
      Leon (site moderator

  3. Hi! My name is Amy and I am newly diagnosed, and still trying to figure out just how severe my asthma is.

    I was diagnosed with asthma about 2 months after recovering from Covid-19 in early 2020. Since then I've been trying to find a maintenance plan that works for me. I take a daily preventative inhaler, allergy medicine, and use a rescue inhaler & nebulizer when needed.

    Prior to being diagnosed with asthma, I was athletic and highly active in yoga. I never had asthma diagnosed previously, and had minimal health issues both as a child and as an adult. I am close to 40, so this has been an unfortunate major life change for me.

    I am just grateful for as many shared stories and experiences as I can find, to help me navigate this new health condition and new way of life! -Amy

    1. Hi (Amy), and welcome to our online community. You have certainly come to the right place as we are all about all things asthma and asthma related.

      Have a look around, you will find a wealth of good information here.

      If there is anything we can do to assist you, please let me or any other moderator / team member know.

      Wishing you well,
      Leon (site moderator

    2. Hi, Amy! I hope you enjoy the site -- it's such a helpful resource, especially for people that are just starting to navigate life with asthma.

      I'm sorry that you walked away from COVID with asthma. Did you have an especially tough time with the virus, and are you dealing with any other lingering issues you feel comfortable sharing? As we learn more about COVID, it seems there is a full range of after-effects people can experience. And it's still unclear what the longterm impact will be. I certainly hope you find your asthma improving over time! We're here to support you. 😀 -Melissa, team

  4. Hi to all,

    I had my Booster injection on Weds afternoon i now feel that i have chest pain n breathlessness & a tight chest since having this done only felt ill when going to bed i have used my inhalers and its not helped and my legs are swollen at the top.


    1. Hi again, Dolphin, and thanks for bringing us up-to-date following the appointment with your physician. It's understandable that you are feeling the pressure of having so much to do - it's that time of the year. Do you think you might be able to slow down somewhat - to allow yourself to recover a little?
      Do you have anyone who can assist you in this regard?
      What do you think?
      Leon (site moderator

    2. Are you still having the swelling in your legs? I'm curious to know what they said. Try to take good care of yourself! -Melissa, team

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