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Has anyone ever stopped medication and used a natural way?

I have a daily inhaler and a rescue one. I am tired of using the medicine every day. Has anyone ever stopped taking these medications and used a more natural way to keep your asthma in check?

  1. mother nature does NOT offer much in the way of relief I have tried everything for old indian remedies to ancient chinese remedies and I always end up back with my inhalers and nebulizers I have not been able to find anything that stops the "cramp" in my chest that is the start of my attack heck even the rescue inhaler and other meds dont always work then Im heading to a hospital

    1. Thank you for your input. I feel like my lungs are addicted to my inhalers. Is a very frustrating thing. I don’t like depending on medications that are supposed to help you but yet they have other side effects. Looking forward to a better solution one day!

  2. Hi Brendisa and musicnutt.
    Thank you as you've both addressed long standing concerns for asthmatics - I'm hopeful others will also respond with their experiences.

    We're all looking for alternatives to consistent medication regimens. The daily responsibility of taking prescribed medications and being compliant can be a challenge, if not a chore, for anyone! We understand the issue and remain supportive and sympathetic.
    Keep up the good work!
    Leon (site moderator)

    1. Brendisa, prior to going off your meds please contact your healthcare professional. Please learn from my mistake. My asthma didn't bother me, I changed docs and went off my meds. I occasionally used an inhaler (those of us in EMS have our sources) and when I began exacerbating four months ago I tried to self treat using old fashioned methods I won't mention here. It was among the worst errors of my life. In the past five weeks I have been intubated once, almost intubated another two times, bipaped once, and have spent the past five weeks in and out of the hospital. My asthma has progressed from mild to moderate/severe/high risk of future intubations. Please learn from my mistake. It can not only affect the quality of your life, but actually whether or not you live or die. Val

      1. Hi again, brendisa - we are all here to help. Whatever we can do to assist you, please just let us know. If the medication is not controlling your asthma symptoms sufficiently, you may want to discuss this further with your physician. Perhaps an adjustment to your medication regimen may make you feel more comfortable. Warmly, Leon (site moderator)

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