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Has anyone benefitted from seeing a nutritionist or dietitian?

Has anyone visited a nutritionist or dietitian and found any benefit to managing their severe asthma? I am tempted to visit one, but I have a severe food allergy and skin allergies too, and I am very unsure if it is worth going to meet with one or if I’m actually remedy hunting and it will be a disappointment.

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  1. Hi Weezer, and thanks for posting your question. I'm hopeful you will hear from others in the community who may be able to share their experiences with nutritionists and/or dietitians.
    I would suggest you find a local practitioner, and ask ahead of time (before your first appointment), if your concerns are issues they address in their practice. That way you can actually 'screen' them to help determine if it's worth your while to go.
    What do you think?
    Leon (site moderator)

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