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Can someone help me with prednisone dosing?

Hello, I am wondering if someone can help me with a plan for prednisone with a starting dose of 80mg per day. My Dr. is of little help. She prescribed 40mg/day for 10 days. This did not help my exacerbation. I told her I had to raise the dose to the 60mg/day, but I then had to raise it to 80mg. I am now on day 2 of 80mg and don't have a plan for the duration.

I think I should stay on a 3 week course, but don't have a plan for the taper. Can anyone help? I realize I am asking for help that I should be getting from a Dr., so if anyone is hesitant to help I understand. I feel like I am all alone here. My Dr. isn't much help. I am having a pulmonary function test today as part of the plan for me to see a pulmonologist, but in the meantime feel like I am managing this all on my own. It is not helping with the anxiety of uncontrolled asthma. Thanks!!

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  1. Hih. Great question. And I know this isn't what you want to hear, but I would strongly suggest you go to the emergency room. If you are requiring that high of a dose of steroids, you really should be doing so under the guidance of a physician. Also, I have benefited from a dose of 40 mg for 7 or so days, and didn't require a taper down. I have done this under the guidance of a physician. But, I would strongly suggest you don't just stopping at a dose of 80 mg. So, again, I know this is not what you want to hear, but it would seem you should seek medical attention for your asthma. If your doctor will see you that would work. Or, you can also go to a medical clinic or even an ER. What do you think? John. Site Moderator.

    1. John, Thanks for your reply. I know I need to be under a Dr.'s care for this. I did email by Dr. (after I posed my question here), so I hope to hear back from her in a timely manner.

      I did go to the ER just before Thanksgiving. They only offered my more prednisone while I was there, not a care plan. I am a new Kaiser member, so have to go through some hoops in order to get hooked up with a pulmonologist. Very frustrating.

      I thank you for your concern and respectfully understand the need to be under medical supervision in this situation. I am feeling frustrated and anxious because of being (kind of) left to deal with this on my own. This of course is not helping :<(

      I will make an appointment to see my Dr. if I do not hear back from her.

      Thank you!!

      1. Hi. Thanks for the update. I certainly understand your frustration. Do keep us posted. All the best. John. Site Moderator.

    2. Hi John, Thank you! I went today for a pulmonary work-up which is what you have to do before seeing a pulmonologist at Kaiser which is where I have been receiving my care since July. New to the area so had to choose new docs. I did go to the ER in mid November and was only offered more prednisone which would have put me on mg's more than what I am taking now.

      In addition, I emailed my Dr. asking for help with the prednisone dosing ASAP, but hopefully I will get in to see a pulmonologist sometime next week.

      I hope help is on the way. It's a lonely road when you feel you are the only one responsible for your care.

      Thanks for caring!


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