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Is pulse rate and asthma connected?

Hi, I’m sorry if this is not the appropriate please to ask this but I have recently had my aminophylline increased as the levels are low. However, I used to notice that my pulse rate would always be 113 or 121 prior to the increase at every asthma review and I was even told by the nurse that the tachycardia would need to be investigated after this increase. But now it’s day 3 on the higher dose and my pulse rate has gone down to 83. Is pulse rate and asthma that connected?

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  1. Hi Weezer and thanks for the excellent question. While we cannot provide medical advice or diagnostics here (for your own safety), I believe your concern can be addressed without compromising our position.
    In the most general of terms, one's heart rate can be affected by many parameters. One of them is hypoxia (low oxygen levels). The body's first response to hypoxia is to increase the heart rate. If one is hypoxic, and it is because of an asthma exacerbation, certainly the heart rate may be increased. On the other hand, if the medication, (aminophylline), relieves the asthma exacerbation, one's oxygen level may return to normal which could result in the heart rate coming down to within an acceptable range.
    There are many other causes of an increased heart rate and, I'm sure you'll want to discuss this with your physician to determine what your particular situation is.
    I hope this brief explanation has provided you with some additional insight for your concern. More importantly, I hope it will lead you to discuss this further with your physician and let us know how it all turns out.
    Wishing you the best, Leon (site moderator)

    1. Thank you Leon for the answer. I have been in a place of denial that my asthma was that serious (ignorance is bliss and this realisation is shocking me) I have booked in to see my physician shortly after the 2nd blood test is done for the therapeutic level checking, that blood test was done on the 23rd so the results are due soon. I had no idea that the tachycardia was being caused by the asthma and I am more surprised at my peakflow also rising with my heart rate now around 75 to 78. What a difference one increased made to me?

      I need to really educate myself on severe asthma and it’s effect on the body as a whole and not just as a bad burden I need to deal with.

      1. Hi Weezer and thanks for your reply. If you want to learn more about asthma, you've certainly come to the right place. By now you are no doubt aware that we are all about all things asthma and asthma related. We are here to assist in any way we can. Warm regards, Leon (site moderator)

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