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Question Regarding Asthma and Chemicals

Hi, so, y'all would have no way of knowing this, but I have a crazy red mullet, and I really want to get it permed. My sister permed her hair a few years back, and there were a lot of chemicals involved, and, I'm worried about how that might affect my asthma. Can anyone tell me if they have experience with this? We're gonna do the perm at home, so we can open windows and stuff. Does anyone have experience with this sort of thing?

  1. I too have to be careful about chemicals. As a matter of fact, I am on the hunt for a stylist that can give me a certain perm due to the chemicals involved. My past stylist retired and since then it has been a struggle. She was very understanding and made my appts early mornings before others arrived. The last salon I visited, the smoke from cigarettes mix with chemical processing was too much to take so I had to step outside. Asthma flareup while sporting perm rods! What a sight to see! lol!! Cutting my own hair and chemical processes is not my best work.

    1. Proud and grateful that you quit, Rebecca. 8 years is fantastic! Cheers. -Melissa, team

    2. Thank you. It is an accomplishment to recognize, just haven't really thought about it in a long while. Wishing my hubby would consider it. So very unhealthy. In the long run he will regret it. I think I notice it more bc I have breathing problems currently with asthma and bronchitis and have had pneumonia in the past - he doesn't so it's not an "issue" with him. Though one day it will. Hoping your days are blessed and your summer is marvelous! Rebecca (comm advc)

  2. Not here either. My thoughts are the same. Financially many businesses were affected causing discouragement and so much stress. Several salons are closed for good. There are a lot of men who gets perms here plus coloring. They do really help with volume and style!

    1. - Many businesses have closed due to the Covid epidemic over the past 2 years. It's very sad. Yes I know some men who have had their hair permed. I have curly hair but used to get them for extreme volume back in the day - 80s and 90s . Not anymore, though.

  3. Speaking in regard to the Pandemic.

    1. I highly encourage going to the salon when it's just opened, like honestly it makes so much of a difference

  4. - I've had perms in the past many many times and the chemical minimally affected me - I had it done im wide open airy spaces. It is smelly for a week to two weeks so be wary. I think it depends on the type of asthma you have and how reactive you are. Best in your endeavors for curls.

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