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Has anyone heard/used the Rainbow cleaning system

Has it had positive impact on your Asthma/Allergies?

  1. Hi ItsKeisha -

    In a past life many years ago I cleaned high-end houses, one of which owned a Rainbow system. I'm sure they've changed over the years, but the general principle is still the same.

    Rather than a traditional bag that traps dirt as in most vacuum cleaners, the Rainbow uses a reservoir of water. Essentially the principle is that the water traps any dirt and allergens, therefore not allowing them to circulate through the air. They also use a HEPA filtration system that traps any particles that the water misses.

    I believe you can have someone come to your house and demonstrate them for you. As to the impact on allergies and asthma, I can't speak to that. Perhaps someone in the community that has one in their own home will have something to add.

    There are quite a few vacuums on the market these days that have the ability to filter out microscopic particles by means of HEPA filters, ranging in price from moderate to quite costly. It's certainly worth some investigation, particularly if you're going to be investing quite a bit.

    Let us know where your research takes you.

    Lyn (moderator)

    1. Hi ItsKeisha and thanks for your question. I see that you posted a similar inquiry on our Facebook page yesterday in the 'Visitor Posts' section. I was able to respond to your inquiry there last evening. For your convenience, here is the response from yesterday evening:

      Hi Keisha - although I have no personal experience with the 'rainbow cleaning system', it appears to be a vacuum. The claims appear to be related to how effective the system is in providing protection from allergens. You may want to read more about it - if you do a GOOGLE search using the words 'rainbow cleaning system', you will find all sorts of advertising and information. My suggestion would be to proceed with caution before making any impulse purchase.

      All the best, Leon (site moderator)

  2. Yes the principle is still the same. I've had the presentation but hesitant about making the investment until I have more information as it relates to Asthma/allergies. Thanks for your feedback.

    1. Hi ItsKeisha!

      I had a roommate for a few years that had a Rainbow vacuum. I absolutely loved it and thought it helped with my asthma and allergies. You'll be amazed at what gets collected in the vacuum. Cleaning the water container after use is kind of yucky, but not intolerable. I'm not sure I can recommend such an expensive purchase to anyone, but I can say that I am a fan. ~ Lorene, moderator

  3. Sounds good. They were just saying they have an endorsement from the AAFA. Thanks

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