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Self Care and Asthma Comorbidities

What does self care look like to you when contending with asthma and other conditions? Share your self care tips below!

  1. This is such a great question. It looks so different for everyone who manages their comorbidities. I tend to sleep a lot when bothered by mine, and at times I fail to eat right and get enough exercise. I am learning to switch this around and eat better, exercise more, along with getting enough sleep and respite. Meditation and yoga help with keeping me centered as well as eat balanced meals and snacks, and take mental health breaks as well as social self-care holidays so as to not wear me too thin or deal with toxicity in relationships and find the caring and sharing individuals in my life. I also search for support when needed the most - something I've fallen short of doing in the past. So very curious to read about others' self-care practices and principles. Rebecca (community moderator)

    1. One day at a time!

      1. I hear you, anonymous - is this how you manage this disease (asthma)? Is there anything further you are able to share with the community at this time.
        By the way, I see you are a new member here, having joined yesterday, later in the evening. We are glad to see you already engaging with the community through this, your first post. I do hope to continue conversing with you if you are so inclined.
        All the best,
        Leon (site moderator

    2. Taking the time to understand what I need to manage my condition and following up to do it.

      1. Hi Mrazzey - it looks to me like your screen name may have been 'anonymous-19', and now you have changed it to 'Mrazzey'. I am just trying to clarify who the posts are from.
        I think this is the right approach - the more one knows about their disease, in this case, asthma, the better able they will be to manage it in concert with a physician.
        I believe it was (also) you that posted (elsewhere on our platform), that you were struggling with a flare up. (for ease of reference, here is a link to that comment: I see my colleague, , and I, were able to respond to you there. I do hope you have an opportunity to look over our comments for you.
        All the best,
        Leon (site moderator

    3. Understanding all of my health issues & keeping them within my control.

      1. Hi again, Libra - we appreciate you sharing this with the community. From my own personal (and professional) perspective, self care is a vital aspect of managing one's own asthma. If there are comorbidities involved too, it is equally important.
        Keep up the good work!
        Leon (site moderator

      2. As stated, this is so important in the management of your disease. It can be tricky but with in-depth knowledge and comprehension of your disease (and comorbidities), the help of professionals, and a true will to feel better, management is much easier, with considerably more promising results. With care and respect ~ Rebecca (community moderator)

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