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Severe Asthma and Vitamin D Deficiency

Severe and uncontrolled asthma linked with vitamin D deficiency. I just found this. I wish my doctor had told me.

  1. Hi again, Pennee, and thanks for sharing this here with the community.

    Have you had an opportunity to discuss this with your physician? Do you think this relates to your condition?

    All the best,
    Leon (site moderator

    1. Hi Leon: I feel like my physician and the nurses all know I am suffering a lot and walk at a very very very slow pace to help me. I don't feel secure that I am going to get well with them.

      I was supposed to get a shot of Nucala today, I thought; but when I called they said that I had not called the pharmacy to order it. I didn't have to order the other 2 shots I have had! So I spent over and hour on hold with the pharmacy and finally called the doctor back and the nurse said that I probably would have to wait until Monday to get the shot. They must know how important these shots are to me as I had no improvement until I started them. And even now it is very slow.

      1. Hi again, Pennee, and thanks for providing us with an update. We appreciate you sharing your recent experience managing this condition with your health care team of physicians and nurses. I am a little disappointed to hear the way you are being treated now - I imagine you must be too.

        This is the first time I have ever heard that it was necessary for a patient to 'order' their own medication. It does sound to be somewhat unorthodox. And, based on your own previous experience, it's quite surprising. I'm hopeful others with clinical experience will join in with their experiences as well.

        If you have lost confidence in this particular group of doctors and nurses, would you consider seeking out other health care providers. Do you think discussing your concerns further with them (on Monday, when you are scheduled for the Nucala injection), during your next visit might be productive?

        Wishing you well,
        Leon (site moderator

        1. Thank you for responding Leon. They gave me a shot today because they said they found a sample syringe in the office.

          I had left another doctor several months ago because she was not helping at all. At least this guy set up the shots - but it took months!

          I will think about moving to a new doctor. There is one in town who is supposed to be very good. I am hoping this shot will make a big difference. The last one did and I was doing well until another doctor decided to put me on a Beta Blocker because my pulse was so high, even after I expressed concern. (Beta Blockers can exacerbate asthma). He said he thought it would be OK but it wasn't. The lesson from that is to know what I know and not allow them to push me around. I could have demanded he find a different type medicine for me but I didn't.

          So if this shot brings me up to where I was a couple weeks ago I will be so much better!

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