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Sinus Issues and Asthma

Hi all,

I know that allergic asthma is the most common asthma to have and was just wondering how many of you wake up most mornings with a headache, stuffy nose, blocked sinuses, post nasal drip, coughing and brain fog. I am one of the lucky ones that doesn't usually have night time asthma, but really suffer for about the first hour after waking up and until the antihistamine and inhaler have started working.

  1. I hear you, Jules! For me it's seasonal, but I can totally relate to slow mornings of feeling clogged and wheezy. Actually, 70% of people with asthma also have an allergy, so you are not alone in this at all. I'll be curious to see what other responses you get.

    Do you shower in the morning? I wonder if the hot water and steam would help open up your sinuses (although I do recognize that for some people with asthma, humid environments can make it worse). -Melissa, team

    1. Hi Melissa,
      Thank you for your response. My sinus issues are year round with dust and some grass pollen that seems to be around all year although some days are worse than others. To answer your question, I generally shower at night although in summer, it is nice to have cool shower after a hot sweaty night to freshen up in the morning Hot steamy or humid conditions do make my chest worse, so unfortunately I have to rely on meds, (which I have tried both at night and morning, and waking up in the night to take) to open up my airways. I cannot remember a time if ever, I was able to bounce out of bed feeling refreshed from a good nights sleep 🙁 I would appreciate any other suggestions to try.

      1. HI Leon, just to give you a quick update. I did see the doc and he put me on meds for an inner ear infection. It was probably caused from the sinusitis. Feeling much better now and just hoping and praying I can get through this spring without any more respiratory/sinus infections. Sad when you think of spring in those terms, when all I want to do is get out in nature, enjoy the warmer weather and the beautiful spring flowers etc 🙁

      2. Hi again jules, and thanks for checking back here and providing the update (above). Glad the medication has worked for you and that you are now feeling much better.
        I hear you, too, big time! Sometimes, the springtime weather season can be some of the prettiest and, the best to enjoy. Hopefully, you will be able to enjoy some of it will keeping yourself safe from the dust and pollen.
        Keep doing well - we're always here is you need anything!
        Leon (site moderator

    2. Many thanks for your response. I hear you regarding all the dust minimization strategies and have most of them in place. My house, especially my bedroom has a thorough cleaning once a week. Today, after a extremely cold, windy weekend, I am really suffering this morning, probably due to the pollen flying around and the fire in the fireplace we had going. But it was so warm and cosy and I didnt think for more than 30 seconds that it may contribute to an allergy flare up, but here I am this morning with a headache, itchy nose and eyes, stuffy sinuses, tight chest and feeling like I have been run over by a bus. Just wondering if my antihistamines are still working. I have heard that its a good idea to change them because the body gets used to them and they are not as effective. Anyone else heard that?

      1. Kii! Sounds like you have the bedroom cleaning down etc. Cold weather can be a trigger for me.. I wear a scarf over my nose and mouth. While I enjoy the fireplace, we have an insert, which reduces the smoke it still bothers me. Even though it reduces the electric bill. My husband changed the wood this year that is supposed to be less smokey. As to the antihistamines, I know Bemadryl (diphenhydramine) isn't effective for me any longer. I don't think these are antihistamines but have worked for me,Mucinex 12 hr sinus, Singular (montelukast) and nebulizer form of Pulmicort (budesimide.) and Flonase Spray.. Realize these are not traditional antihistamines but this treatment plan has reduced my chest discomfort and my sinus drip. 5 yrs. ago my Dr. in Ca. discovered through a sleep study that all the coughing/choking and sleeplessness led to an O2 defency. She ordered a oxygen concentrator with a bubbler which adds moisture to the O2 that is produced. Of course, this would require a serious discussion with your medical proffesonal.I just wanted to let you know that sometimes alternative to antihistamines. Others can probably better to just your original question. K.

    3. Last two weeks I have been having some sinus congestion that is now home in my bronchial tubes. Odd part is you can walk around only slightly congested and then bang into a gasping, coughing attack as your body attempts to clear a bit of mucus. The warm, wet weather seems to trigger it more. Don't care if you are eating, working, riding your bike when it wants to clear, what you are doing and bladder contents be damned. My inhaler, won't stop it, musenex neither, nebulizers seems useless. Bronchial spasms? Had one day I worked something like 9 hours with a mask and Fully medicated.... It was when I went outside to ride home, the hot damp air made tons of junk release I was weazing all day. Not sure it is bronchitis... Classic bronchitis I run a fever, it gets thicker and I have to get meds to make it come out. No fever just intermetit mucus and cough attacks.

      1. that is unfortunate to hear that you are experiencing this! It sounds extremely uncomfortable and frustrating for you. Have you had the opportunity to speak with your doctor about this? -Ashlen, community moderator

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