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Specific Antibody Deficiency and Asthma

I am wondering if anyone's immunilogiest have run tests against pneumococal vaccine titers due to multiple upper and lower respiratory infections. Mines were low, we did conjugate vaccine, re-checked in 6 weeks and títers still below 50%. There arent much research with in regards to SAD - specific antibody deficiency, but most articles i came across talk about people with asthma and SAD. All the ear infections, sinus infections, PNAs can be the answer or reasons why we get them. I didn't find anything in archives.

  1. Hi. Thank you for your post. I see you posted this a few days ago and I am just seeing it now for the first time. Despite all of my research over the years on asthma I have not heard of SAD -- so I am glad you posted about it here. I do see the article you linked to offers a good depiction of what is known about SAD, and it did mention a possible link between SAD and asthma. As you note, I am not aware of any articles on this topic on this site (although, one could be here somewhere). Still, we do have quite a large community of asthmatics, so it is highly possible others with SAD are here and you will hear from them. In the meantime, I am wondering if there is anything further you can add about your asthma and SAD. Did you have asthma a long time before your SAD diagnosis? Just curious. John. community moderator

    1. thank you John. Both asthma and SAD were diagnosed 2 years ago. I had fungal pna 3 years ago and since i was hiv negative (considered secondary immunodeficiency), i asked immunology md run tests again primary inmunodeficiencies thats how SAD came across. She doesnt think that was the reason for fungal pna, but it answered question why i get recurrent ears, sinuses and other respiratory infections. Immunologist still thinks other IGGs suppose to "kick in" and defense the body.

      Just very interesting correlation. I forgot to add this one. Small sample size, but "All patients with SAD had associated asthma, 11 had allergic rhinitis, and other allergies"

  2. Thank you for the update and for the link. It is certainly an interesting condition that you have. And you are very fortunate to have a physician who is aware of it and was able to give you the proper diagnosis(s) that you deserve. It will be neat to see what researchers learn about SAD and the link between SAD and asthma in the future. And I am also wondering if your diagnosis(s) have led you and your physician treatments that have helped you better manage your conditions and feel better. John. community moderator.

    1. thank you John. Its abx whenever i catch infection. Doing my best to stay ahead of the game like everyone else on this forum....lots of preventative work 😀

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