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Symptoms even after removing triggers?

Hi, I am in my 30s and relatively new to having frequent asthma symptoms. I have had asthma since being a kid, but only allergy-induced. Never used preventer. I have been working out my entire life, also with high intensity.

December last year we decided to try out getting a dog. My asthma was triggered already a week after and I started on preventer medicine. This worked very well for about 3 months. I guess the change was associated with the onset of pollen from threes. I tried upping my dose, but this only worked for some time.

In May, we decided that the dog had to leave. I had stronger symptoms during workouts and my preventer medicine (combined long-lasting beta2 and corticosteroid) did not work. I initially got better but had relatively frequent flare-ups of symptoms during the summer. I am allergic to most pollen types. Please note that I have never had serious asthma attacks.

My GPs advice was to get over the summer and early fall using short-lasting medicine. That being said, some weeks I have not needed medicine, while others, I have had to take medicine a couple of times per day (including part of exercise). My GP said that my lungs and immune system are on constant alert and is triggered for the smallest things. Now, when the pollen season is finally over - same week as I felt symptoms were getting better - I got the common cold. I have had mild wheezing but even though my cold symptoms are disappearing, the wheezing is not. Again, it is relatively mild, but I definitely feel the need of taking medicine.

My question is whether anyone out there has a similar experience and could share some insights on what I should expect? I am afraid that things will return to as they were before we even got a dog. I have never used asthma medicine during the pollen season before. I have rarely used medicine during a cold before. Will everything return to the way it was before everything? How long after a cold should one expect symptoms of wheezing? The latest from my GP is that he wants me to wait until later this year to give it some time without any triggers being present before concluding on any need for a fixed treatment plan. My fear is, as I’ve said, that I have made some more permanent damage. I really appreciate any insight! I have been reading so many articles online, but the best information is the one coming from someone with experience.

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