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The Asthma Itch

Many of our patient leaders and community members have connected over strange asthma symptoms over the years. One symptom we see often in the community is an itchy chin, neck, chest, etc. Do you experience itchiness as an asthma symptom? If so, where? What do you do to relieve the itch?

  1. Yes, my scalp itches and then it moves to my face and neck. I take Benadryl to try and help relieve the itching.

    1. That used to happen to me all the time when exposed to one of my allergens, such as pollen in the springtime. Is this what you think causes it for you? John. community moderator.

    2. Hi Debbie and thanks for answering the question posed by my colleague, - we appreciate your participation. When this happens to you (an itchy scalp, face, and neck), does it also affect your asthma. For many who have shared their thoughts about the 'asthma itch', it seems as though the 'itch' can precede an asthma attack. Is that what happens to you? Or, does the Benadryl take care of the itch and, the itch has no bearing on your asthma symptoms? Is there anything further you are able to share with the community at this time? Leon (site moderator

  2. I do...My Asthma makes me itch all over.. Especially around my chest.

    1. Hi there! My chin sometimes itches before I get asthma symptoms. It's definitely a warning sign for me. Lorene, site moderator

  3. No

    1. Itching is usually an early warning sign that happens before symptoms such as shortness of breath and coughing. Do you have other warning symptoms to let you know an attack may be coming? ~ Lorene, site moderator

  4. Under my chin and the top of my neck itches when I am having trouble. Usually, I just take my rescue inhaler and it eventually goes away.

    1. I'm glad using your rescue inhaler does the trick! ~ Lorene, site moderator

    2. what a great remedy! I have the neck itching...which I had no clue it preceded the asthma/cough/congestion

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