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Traveling to California

Hi. I haven't traveled since prepandemic and have been itching to go. I was only able to get one shot because I had an adverse reaction so I do worry about getting it. Also the last time I traveled to California, I had a flare. My allergist said that I would do better in California because the air is so good there but the opposite happened. Fortunately I was there for 2 weeks and had enough time to take prednisone before I returned home on a plane. This time I would only be gone for a week and there seems to be so much more climate issues since I traveled there last. I would either go in late July or early October. Both which are wildfire seasons. I remember a time before the pandemic and pre-asthma diagnosis when there was a heat wave and I felt terrible and had to sit down a lot. I also always seem to catch something when I travel. Just wondering if anyone has advice about when it's a better time to go. My allergist says California weather is so extreme and unpredictable so it will be a risk. My endocrinologist says I need to live my life. Currently, my asthma has been controlled and I haven't had a flare since I was in California but I do have other health conditions.

  1. - This is a wonderful question you've presented - one that may be difficult to answer. As we are all different in dealing with our asthma journey, one trigger may not be another's. As you know, it's important to consider certain factors to ensure a more comfortable and asthma-friendly experience as you travel. Keeping watch on official travel advisories and staying informed about any potential health risks or emergencies in the region you plan to visit is always a good practice.

    It definitely sounds like you are planning your trip with "eyes wide open" and indeed knowledgeable about possible reactions and effects from weather, allergens, and heat. Hoping some members who travel often out west can offer up some tips as to the best time to travel and what to expect during that time.

    While you wait for responses, here are some articles that may help:

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