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What are your triggers in the workplace?

  1. Dust, dirt, certain sprays

    1. Hi jcribb16 and thanks for your response. We appreciate you letting us know you are aware of the triggers which you encounter in your workplace. All the best, Leon (site moderator)

      1. I work in an office where it seems like everyone swims in cologne, perfume, musk oils, flowery smelling stuff and all sorts of horrible stuff they spray on their bodies every day.

        1. As a Case Manager, my clients are seated at a desk directly in front of me. Oftentimes, I smell and am affected by hair spray, hair weaves, nail polish, cigarettes, lawn clipping, perfumes, colognes, musk, animal dander, and all smelling things!!

          1. Hi Elephina and we hear you! Is it possible, (since this is YOUR office, and they are YOUR clients), to take a bit more control over your work area? Do you think handing your clients printed guidelines for what is acceptable in your work space and what is not might be of some help? What do you think?
            Leon (site moderator)

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