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Water damage and mold

I decide to clean filter on window AC unit. Find water damage to wall and floor behind boxes. Two boxes of books are ruined with black mold. I toss them but am concerned I breathed in the spores. Took colloidal silver to hopefully prevent illness, but suspect I will be sick anyway. Hopeful homeowners insurance will cover my mom's neglect, leaving boxes in front of window, blocking water damage evidence for a long period of time. BTW the unit was full of black yuck and what I think was slime mold. Been in place a few years. Water damage is BAD. Drywall wet, poked a hole in it, flooring in front of window warped, cupping. I imagine water traveled from drywall to flooring. Still live with power. Black mold and his friends, good stuff for a Asthmatic to breathe in.

  1. That sounds pretty bad, Hopefully you can get that taken care of soon and that your insurance will cover it. I had a similar issue happen in my basement, and I was impressed at how fast my insurance said they'd cover it and got it fixed. I pretty much just called my insurance company and they got the ball rolling, even recommended a person to fix it. How is your asthma doing now? John. community moderator

    1. Hi Sarah, and thanks for your post. I'm so sorry this happened to you. I see my colleague, , has already responded to your comment.
      Like him, I, too, had serious water damage following the hurricanes (Irene and Sandy), back in 2011 and 2012. We also had to have remediation done and were fortunate that insurance was able to help with the coverage.
      I will wish you 'good luck!', as you move forward with the repairs.
      Please do check back and let us know how this incident wound up affecting your health as well. We are concerned for you!
      All the best,
      Leon (site moderator

      1. That's so awful! Please keep us posted on how things progress with remediation ... it might be helpful to talk about the situation with your doctor as well, so you can all be on guard for signs of trouble. Take care! -Melissa, team

        1. Yes

          1. Black mold is quite a big problem. Have you dealt with it? Any suggestions to help those struggling with this? Any help is appreciated. Rebecca (team member)

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