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What can I do?

I had asthma since I was about 8 it started out as exercising induced asthma now it’s mostly allergy related asthma. The problem is I keep getting sick every mth. I had mris, CT’s, cat scans done too find out it’s all in my lungs.I had a biopsy done they found nothing suspicious. I had millions of blood test all normal,I had blood clots in my chest over the past 6-9 mths. They put me on blood clotting medication that’s it. I am at a loss I feel like the anabiotic no longer helps or work so every mth I back too the clinic or er. Help please.

  1. - You have been going through so much with your health recently. Getting sick monthly is terribly draining and exhausting on a body. And, it sounds awfully frustrating and exhausting going through all those tests and receiving no definitive diagnosis. I'm sorry there isn't any more clarifying news after undertaking them. I assume you've got an allergist/immunologist/pulmonologist who is guiding you, as well as other specialists for the clots managing you. Does it seem they are on the same page when it comes to treatment and therapy?

    Please understand, that we are not physicians on our site, but built upon that of individuals who have a ton of experience with chronic illness of asthma and other conditions. We do not offer advice, but only that of our experiences to guide those who are struggling with their health.

    In my younger years, I was constantly getting URIs and sinus infections, where the antibiotics never cleared my infection, undergoing sinus surgeries, only to once again be sick and my asthma at its worst. More recently, after seeing an immunoallergist I've begun to feel better. The treatment regimen suggested in my case is helping my body clear infection and remain free. I am curious what type of physician you are seeing. Maybe a second opinion would be in order? I hope others log on and offer up their experience so you have a new direction to go in. I wish you better days ahead and hope you begin to feel better. I will circle back around to see others' reflections. Thoughtfully, Rebecca (team member)

    1. Hi. Welcome to our asthma community. Sorry that your lungs/ asthma are causing you this trouble. As a fellow asthmatic, I can empathize with how frustrating this can be. And it does sound like your doctors have ordered all the right tests for making sure there is nothing else going on inside your lungs, besides asthma -- other than blood clots, which you are getting the proper treatment for as you describe. I am told the pollen count is pretty high this spring -- to the point that it even bothers me. Do you feel this might be what is triggering your asthma? Or are you getting lung infections/ colds? Are you taking medicines to help manage/ control your asthma? Is there anything else you can share about your situation? Your insights could help us better understand how to support you. Wishing you all the best. John. fellow allergic asthmatic and Community Moderator

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