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What is your favorite asthma-friendly exercise?

Hi everyone!
As both exercise and cold weather trigger my asthma, I usually exercise indoors during the cold months.
I enjoy dancing at home, using YouTube videos. That way I choose songs I like, adjust intensity to my needs and can also fit it into my schedule.
Sometimes I swim indoors- I find it great for my breathing.
Any other fun ideas? What is your favorite one?

  1. Thanks for writing Wheezyme. Hopefully others will join in with their thoughts. In this article one of our experts offers tips for staying active with asthma, including some activities, like swimming and dancing: Best, Richard ( Team)

    1. I use to walk in hot and cold weather. Why cold weather could trigger asthma?

      1. Hi Knitter and thanks for your post and inquiry. Asthma is different for every person that has it. As well, triggers can vary from person to person and from time to time. As you pointed out, cold weather can be a trigger for some folks who have the condition. I thought this article (by our own John Bottrell), on that very subject might shed some more light on this expressed concern of yours: I hope you find it to be helpful. All the best, Leon (site moderator)

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