What Was the Best Asthma-Friendly Gift You Have Ever Received?

During the holiday season, people may be gathering together or sharing their gratitude for one another with a gift. Sometimes, however, gifts that are trendy and thoughtful for some may not be as thoughtful for those with chronic conditions like asthma.

So, what is an asthma-friendly gift? We asked some of our Health Leaders to share the best asthma-friendly gift(s) that they had ever received. Here are their responses.

An inclusive asthma-friendly self-care kit

“The best asthma-friendly gift I received was a self-care kit. Living with asthma is multi-faceted. Having asthma is a stressful experience that doesn’t just impact your physical health but also your mental health. One of my favorite things to do pre-asthma was a self-care night, decked out with everything scented. On top of asthma, I also deal with asthma’s partner in crime, atopic dermatitis (eczema) herself. Sensitivity to fragrances and extremely sensitive skin are a recipe for disaster in my world. I started envying those who were able to have a traditional self-care night with their bubble baths and their fragrances.

The self-care kit I was given was tailored to me and my asthma triggers. Instead of scented hair products, I had a simple hair mask. Bubble bath things were swapped out for things made with oatmeal, and, instead of scented lotion, it was equipped with a lip mask. This gift was so asthma-friendly because it allowed 2 of my qualities to mesh: I have asthma that makes me sensitive to many self-care products, but I still need some time to destress and enjoy the things I love to do.” – Corinne

A hepa air filter

“A few summers ago, I had a very bad asthma attack and ended up in the hospital for a few days. I don’t remember exactly why, but I thought it might be a good idea to get a HEPA filter for my apartment.

It worked wonders for me. I kept it in the bedroom, which is where most of us spend the majority of our time at home. I noticed a significant difference in air quality and was breathing really well. But as the weather turned and there were some wildfires going on, it became apparent that I might benefit from having another one in the house.

So that year for Christmas I asked for another filter, but a bigger, more efficient one. And what a difference it made! I know, I know, getting an air filter for Christmas doesn’t sound like the “best gift ever,” but let me tell you, when you struggle with breathing as much as I do, something so simple can make such a big difference. Perhaps this year I will ask for some replacement filters. Hmm...” Christy

A personalized gift related to my asthma

“One day at the family cabin, my brothers, dad, and Uncle Timmy were deep into a Clint Eastwood movie. In the midst of it, I needed my inhaler and took a puff. I threw out a remark about how there is not much cool about having asthma. But it would be cool if I had an inhaler holster, like Eastwood's gun holster, to slide my inhaler into.

A few weeks later, during another get-together at the cabin, Uncle Timmy hit me with a surprise – a gift he had crafted himself: the inhaler holster, born out of his own creativity and ingenuity.

So, the best, and perhaps coolest, asthma-friendly gift I ever got was that handy holster for my rescue inhaler. It let me stroll around camp like a gunslinger with my inhaler right there on my hip.

When asthma started to stir up trouble: Quick draw, pop of the cap, and puff!

Every now and then, I would up the cool factor – toss my inhaler in the air, snag it like a pro, and slip it back into the holster.

To top it all off, the holster even came with a gold chain that wrapped around my belt, adding an extra dash of cool to the already stylish inhaler holster.

While it wasn't my everyday look, hanging out at the cabin with the guys turned it into the perfect time to spice things up with a touch of asthma coolness.

This gift landed in my lap during my early 20s, a time when my asthma was playing hard to control. Though I still make sure to have my inhaler on me wherever I’m out and about, back then, it was absolutely essential that I had it in my possession at all times.

I guess if we were business savvy, we might have patented the idea and cashed in on it. Nowadays, there are some pretty slick inhaler carrying cases on the market – compact ones that clip onto your belt, giving you instant access to your inhaler wherever, whenever. But back in the early '90s, the notion of such devices was just a figment of imagination for asthmatics like me.

The inhaler holster had its moment in the sun. But alas, its time was fleeting. Life picked up its pace, especially as I navigated the challenges of respiratory therapy school. One fateful day, as I was returning from clinicals, my Dodge Dynasty decided to call it quits and left me stranded on the side of the road. Little did I know, in the trunk of that now-defunct vehicle rested my cherished inhaler holster.

A tow truck swooped in to rescue the incapacitated car. Unaware of the sentimental cargo in its trunk. The Dodge Dynasty met its demise. Only in the aftermath did the cruel reality dawn on me – I had left behind the greatest asthma gift I ever received.

The inhaler holster, once a symbol of style and functionality, now lay abandoned in the unforgiving confines of a car junkyard, lost forever to the ash heap of automotive history.” John

What are the best asthma-friendly gifts to give or receive this holiday season?

Our Health Leaders shared some of the best asthma-friendly gifts they have received, but we know that there are more ideas out there! Let’s help out our fellow community members, caregivers, or loved ones who do not have asthma by creating a list of asthma-friendly gifts. Remember that everyone has a different experience with asthma, so some ideas may not be right for everyone, but they may be right for you or someone you know!

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