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Do You Have Children With Asthma?

I generously passed on my asthma genes to 3 of my children. Of my 3 children with asthma, they have each had their run-ins with asthma attacks. Thankfully, my 2 older asthmatic children (my girls) have well controlled asthma at the moment. The one who has been having issues lately is my youngest, the boy.

The early years

Shortly after my son was born he had a rash all over his body. His skin was dry, red, and inflamed. And he was diagnosed with eczema (atopic dermatitis). We had to put mittens on his little hands to prevent him from scratching, as scratching exacerbated the eczema.

The rash was worse around his mouth and neck due to drooling, which exacerbated the problem. So we had to treat his skin with a special lotion that contained steroids. We had to gently apply this over the areas of his skin effected by the eczema. Although, we had to be careful not to use the lotion too frequently due to the steroid, as this could further damage his skin.

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It seemed like a long time, but we eventually got the eczema under control. Although, my son would also develop hives over his body. His pediatrician did a blood test to determine if he had allergies, and it was determined that he had allergies to eggs, strawberries, and nuts. We had to make sure he was not exposed to these allergens – which was a challenge, especially when my other children could consume those things without issues.

As he grew older, the eczema and allergies were well controlled. There were no further issues until he turned 12.

The present

Based on my own asthma history, and the fact his sisters also had asthma, it did not surprise me that he would one day show signs of asthma. It also did not surprise me based on his own past with eczema and allergies. It is very common for those diagnosed with allergies and eczema to also have asthma. It even has an official name: Samter's Triad.

He got a cold a few years ago and complained of shortness of breath. I had him take a breathing treatment and this greatly benefited him. It worked so well that he would ask for a breathing treatment any time he felt short of breath. Once his cold went away his breathing returned to normal and there were no further issues.

Although, about a year ago, he started asking for breathing treatments before bed. This continued for many months, which led us to making an appointment with his pediatrician. She prescribed him his very own Symbicort. After using this for a few months his asthma seemed to be well controlled – and he stopped asking for breathing treatments.

After taking his Symbicort for a few months, his pediatrician said he could stop taking the Symbicort. And this seems to be working out well for him. Although, he still does ask for breathing treatments from time to time. So, we are currently monitoring this situation.

Raising my children with asthma in an asthma-friendly environment

My children are fortunate in that they are in a good asthma environment. As an asthmatic myself, I have made sure my house is free and clear of allergy and asthma triggers. My children are very fortunate in that way. They also have parents who are healthcare providers, who are quick to spot symptoms and take swift actions to treat them.

Thanks to the favorable asthma-conscious environment I created, none of my children experienced the severe asthma that I struggled with during my early years. They did not have to face the challenges of poorly controlled asthma, as I did. I am grateful to share that they are successfully managing their asthma without the use of controller medication, except for my son, who occasionally requires Symbicort.

Do any of you have children with asthma? Have you found that having a parent with asthma has been beneficial for them? Feel free to share your experiences and stories in the comment section below.

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