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Ask the Advocates: What Would You Do With One Day Free of Asthma?

If you could be free of asthma for one day, what would you do? Would you do things that normally trigger your asthma? Would you still do the exact same things you do now but hope to feel differently? Have you ever wondered how your fantasies about a life without asthma compare to other people's? We asked our Asthma.net advocates what they would do if they could be free of asthma for one day. Here is what they had to say.

Free of asthma for one day

John responded by saying:

"Great question. Boy, a day without asthma. That would be nice. I know what I would do. I’d buy a collection of old baseball cards. It would be so fun sorting through them looking for rookie cards, such as Al Kaline’s rookie card. I would add cards like Al’s to my collection. And I’d sell others to fund my hobby.

On the day free of asthma I would do the card sorting, of course. I can’t do it now because older baseball cards harbor dust mites, and dust mites trigger my asthma. On my asthma-free day, I’d be able to sort through them symptom-free. It would be a blast. What gem cards will I find?

When I am done sorting through cards, I’d go to my dad’s cabin. I would sit in the dusty, musty cabin without it triggering my allergies and asthma. I would have a few drinks and sit around the fire. And I’d sleep inside the cabin without worry. It would be so nice knowing I would experience no symptoms that day and night.

For one day I’d be a normal guy doing normal guy things. That would be awesome."

Peter shared:

"Wow, this is something I often fantasize about. The idea of being totally free of asthma is like a dream come true! I want to answer this by first saying that, unfortunately, I do not think I will ever be asthma-free. I have had it too long now, and I have come to terms that asthma management is as good as it is going to get. Maybe that is a tad pessimistic, but, hey, that's the way I am rolling today!

If my asthma completely went away for one day, I think I would play a nice long game of tennis or go for a game of football. Not worrying about whether I would need to take the next day off work or something would be an amazing feeling. Exercise would be the first thing on my mind.

My thinking would be very simple. If I knew that my asthma was gone for literally one day and would be back the next day, I would want to get super fit. The hope would be that I could expand my lungs and feel much fitter the next day when my asthma returned. I am probably taking this question a bit too literally, but I would want to feel much fitter!"

Ms. Al Veoli said:

"If I could be asthma-free for one day, I would start the day with an intense workout. Afterward, I would take a hot and steamy shower. I would take public transportation without worrying about fragrances like perfume and cologne and walk down the laundry aisle at the grocery store. I would visit a cat café and hug all the cats.

The day wouldn’t be complete without walking through the humid botanical garden and smelling the flowers. Then I’d light candles and drink a glass of red wine to help me relax at home. All these things trigger my asthma, and it would be such a relief not to worry about them for one day."

What about you?

Did any of these ideas sound familiar to you? Would you want to do any of the same things or something different? We want to hear what you would do with one day free from asthma! Leave a comment below!

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